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Hear a Spirit Guide's Comments.

The link above will allow you to hear the entity that we know as (our name) VERONICA speak directly to you on this subject. 

Each individual has their own personal and/or reasons for having these types of readings or sessions. 
Personal and/or Business Relationships, Personal and Spiritual Growth, and Metaphysical Knowledge (as in about consciousness, reincarnation or life after death or how to manifest physical world things as examples) often top the list.
Business relationships can be greatly improved and made much more efficient if you have a personality profile of who you are working with or planning to negotiate with at an essence level from the perspective of a highly evolved non-physical entity and guide.  This type of consultaton has been used on many large dollar and high profile projects.
In a word or two, what is offered is Wisdom and a Connection... and always with personal and spiritual growth as the underlying consideration.
VERONICA can answer your questions about "why?"
The experience of this type of spirit contact is by itself rather rare in the world today and some people simply enjoy talking with a Spirit Guide and Teaching Entities such as VERONICA.
Some enjoy the kind of spiritual analysis or therapy along the lines of what a psychatrist or psychologist might do only from a very different perspective.  And yes, both of these types of professionals have had repeated sessions talkiing with VERONICA themselves.
The on-going study of Metaphysics or of Self that is possible when conversing with highly developed teaching entities in this manner is also of great interest to some people.
Ongoing sessions are progressive, even for the most "advanced" of participants.  People who have many sessions over time always find this to be true.  Longer term participants often have conversations with several different evolved entities as well as some individuals who are "in-between"  physical lives and waiting to incarnate again.   For everyone, it is a major opportunity to advance personal growth and understanding.  It can also be a highly enjoyable social event.
This kind of direct contact can also lead to a major opening where emotional and spiritual breakthroughs and releases are often achieved.

To schedule a reading via April Crawford or to ask general questions about April, contact me (Allen, April's Facilitator) at

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