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The "Seth" that we are referring to here is a non-physical entity that dictated a progressive series of books about the nature of consciousness and the nature of all reality via a woman named Jane Roberts while Jane was in deep trance.
While many people find the Seth Books difficult to get through, mostly because they are so profound that you often find yourself day dreaming while contemplatiing what has been said, others simply cannot put them down.
These books pre-date by 25 years the current mainstream interest in quantum physics, and yet they remain in many respects still far more advanced than anything being published by today's scientists.
Jane Roberts is no longer physically alive so the Seth Books (and thankfully there are many of them) remain the only way to experience Seth (although some other so called channels claim to channel Seth, he said in print that he would never speak via another channel in order to protect the integrity of his material).
We often advise April Crawford's clients to read at least the first book "Seth Speaks" in order to get a basic understanding about the way consciousness creates all of reality... literally.
For those individuals that find the Seth Books too dry, or too much like text books, we often recommend Jane Roberts' novel "The Education of Oversoul 7".  This novel is a story.... completely different in ease of reading than the Seth Books. 
The Education of Oversoul 7 is one of the best illustrations of how reiincarnation actually operates, and how "spirit guides" and other aspects of each person's larger entity relate to each of the physical lives, which because of the nature of time, are actually all going on at once.

For those interested in actually talking with an entity such as Seth in a deep trance channeling session, you may find this site of interest.  April Crawford is one of the most naturally talented deep trance channels in the world today, and in fact is far more fluid in her ability to channel than even Jane Roberts was.  Note that we consider the Seth Books to be the best and most complete collection of metaphysical material ever published.
April Crawford does not and will not channel Seth.  However, there are other entities of simiilar scope and experience that you can talk with if you wish.  It is an amazing and eye opening experience for those interested in such things.
By the way, we would like to thank Jane Roberts' husband, Robert Butts for his tireless work in helping Jane put out the Seth Books.  These books were written when people were still using mechanical type writers and carbon paper.  That they were able to get out so many high quality books in the days before personal computers is almost as amazing as the Seth Material itself.
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