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To hear audio of a complete actual reading click the links on the right side of the table below.
Left Click to stream, Right Click to download and play from your hard disk.  Note that playing from your hard disk may be smoother depending upon your broadband speeds.
Note that the segments are broken into four recordings to make downloading and streaming easier.  They are cut for time, not for content, so one segment runs into another.


Links to the Audio

This greeting is very short but sets the tone for the rest of the reading, which runs about an hour in total.

How the Phone Call Starts

This segment starts with a discussion about how to discuss spiritual awareness and metaphysics with children, and then goes on from there.

2 of 4: How to tell children

This segment starts out with an answer to a question about reincarnational experiences with and in different cultures.

3 of 4: Reincarnation/Cultures

This segment continues a discussion about how to best help a daughter who is about to become a teenager.

4 of 4: Daughter Mom Issues

Background on this particular reading:
The individual who was kind enough to give permission for us to share this reading on-line we first knew by her chat room screen name "Druid".  Later she shared on-line and with us that her name is Lisa.
This was Lisa's second or third conversation with VERONICA, one of the entities that speak while April Crawford is in deep trance.  VERONICA is completely seperate from April.  In other words, the process is not a blend as it is with some other channels.  The voice that Lisa hears on the other end of the phone is VERONICA'S... not April's.  April is not there and will not remember the details of the session or in some cases, if a session even took place.
Lisa is interested in metaphysics and has some psychic and channeling ability herself.  She also asks about typical family relationship kinds of issues in her life.
All conversations with VERONICA or one of the other entities are highly individual in nature.  Therefore, while you may identify with some of the questions and answers, this sample recording is provided mostly to give you a flavor for how the conversations work:  the tone, the rhythm and pace of the conversations, etc.

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