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For those of you interested in the subject of the Afterlife, or even "If" there is an Afterlife, we offer this:


In our experience over more than 15 years, there is no doubt what-so-ever that there is an afterlife, that who you are, everything that you have experienced and felt, is remembered, and that you can meet those individuals who you wish to meet, again... and again.  Nothing is lost.


Now, we have indeed had specific conversations with the recently "dead" and on many occasions, and this is in addition to the much more frequent conversations that we have with the various entities, who are by their nature more "evolved" than those who have recently crossed over (and many of them have had many physical lives... and physical "deaths".... and yet live on to tell us about them).


We mention this just so you know..... It is real.  And so is reincarnation, although as you get further into that subject, you may realize that it is actually more accurate to say "multiple incarnations". 


You see, in nonphysical realms, there is no time as we here in the physical perceive it.  There is something similar in terms of perceiving growth, which indicates change.  But in the greater reality, there is no "time".  Einstein said as much, and he got quite a bit of how things work.


For more information about the Afterlife, we suggest reading the book "Seth Speaks", by Jane Roberts, which has some very good technical descriptions of the "death" and after "death" process.


Also, "Parting Notes": A Connection with the Afterlife by April Crawford,. which has many first hand accounts of the "death" and after death... or afterlife... process.  This later book basically illustrates what Seth was saying when he said in essence " There is no ONE way to die".  In other words, the afterlife is individual.... just as is each physical incarnation.  But then why would anyone expect the afterlife to be LESS individual than a physical life?  Evolution does not work that way.


Note:  If you are looking for a reading for the purposes of pre-"death" or post-"death" counseling, or to help yourself or someone else better understand the process and prepare for it... or deal with grief...  or get over guilt...  then you may wish to have a telephone consultation with the entity and guide that we call VERONICA.  VERONICA is the one who handles all of the telephone consultations.


Speaking with VERONICA about these subjects can be incredibly comforting.  Besides "her" comforting bedside manner, VERONCIA is extremely knowlegable and experienced with this subject.  VERONCIA can also check on the status of those who have crossed over.... (but note that we do not offer dircect contact with secific individuals who have crossed to the general public over the phone... but see the next paragraph.)


On the other hand, if you wish to to connect with someone you know who has crossed over in a manner similar to the way the John Edward and James Van Praagh work, we suggest you try Tim Braun or Brian Hurst.  Both are world class mediums.  We know and work with them personally.  You can find a link to them on the lower left hand side of this page.


-Allen, Facilitator for April Crawford


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