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"Life and Death Readings:  We will talk about both, not necessarily their own.  Mostly those who come for readings want to know about themselves.  If they're going to continue and that is why they want to know if the dead are continuing.  That is what it is really about.  They want reassurance.  They want a continuance of their reality.  That we can give them.

They want to know that they will be greeted, that they are actually going to have some sort of awareness when their eyes close for the last time and that someone will take their hand and pick them up and take them with them.

That is what they want to know.  It is about the Self.  Wanting to know about the dead is wanting to know that the Self will be OK ultimately.  We can give them that.


Life and Death Readings:  The continuance of the Self.  Reassurance that the Self will continue, that the individual Self will continue.  It is very important to each of you.

Having been through the process 5 or 6 times myself, I understand the motivation behind what they are seeking.  Therefore, I and my friends are most willing to give the information.  We have done it.  Thus "Parting Notes" exists.

From an outside perspective we can tell what they really need."

                       -Comments from one of the entities speaking via the deep trance channeling of April Crawford in response to a related queston.  "Parting Notes" is a reference to April Crawford's book  by the same name.  It is a collection of communications from and about individuals who have "died", yet continued to exist.

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