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We believe that many if not most well known mediums and psychics use the disclaimer "for entertainment purposes only" in order to limit any legal liability that they may be subjected to under diverse state laws.
We don't state this up front because while the entities that speak via the deep trance channeling of April Crawford can indeed be quite entertaining, we don't consider ourselves or them entertainers.  This process is real.
However, regardless of what may or may not be discussed during channeling sessions and readings, we will state that we do not offer any alternative healing or medical advice, nor does the state of California offer certification for such alternative healing or medical advice, to the best of our knowledge, although such services are legal in this state as far as we know.
We will go further to state that neither April Crawford nor anyone affiliated with her offers or dispenses medical advice or prescribes the use of any techniques as a form of treatment for physical or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly.  In fact, April Crawford herself does not offer any advice of any nature whatsoever. 
What is offered is essentially access to a communications method, like a telephone or the US mail.  In this case the communications method is deep trance channeling and mediumship.  What people do with this communications method is up to them.  The entities that speak via the deep trance mediumship of April Crawford are independent beings.  April Crawford has no control over what they do or do not say.  For all legal purposes whatever is said or otherwise conveyed are intended to be non-professional opinions.   In the event anyone makes use of any information transmitted via the deep trance channeling and/or mediumship of April Crawford, as is their constitutional right, April Crawford and all persons affiliated with her assume no responsibility for those choices and actions.
In any event,  it is our personal recommendation to seek the counsel of a licensed medical or financial professional before undertaking any unusual or non-mainstream actions that could have a material effect on your life.
Fees charged are for the time of the Channel, her staff, and other expenses associated with providing this access.  It is not for advice.  It is not for a professional legal, financial, or medical opinion.
Services provided are to be considered demonstrations of very adept deep trance channeling and mediumship.  Those availing themselves of these services may ask what they wish, and do with the information, what they wish as long as it is used only in a private, non-comercial way. (In other words, tapes or transcripts of sessions via April Crawford may not be published in any way or sold.)
The Channel will generally have no kowledge or memory of what was or was not discussed, any more than a telphone would.
We do not know if the free speach of non-phsysical spirit guides and teaching entities is protected under the free speech aspects of the US Bill of Rights.  But they should be.  That is certainly our position.

The contents of this site are copyrighted by April Crawford.  "Inner Whispers" and "Dear VERONICA" are trademarks.  For permission to use selected materials, contact Allen at and put "Permission" in the subject line.